Have you ever wanted to test a nail polish before buying it?
Need advice on a color to wear with a specific outfit or for a specific occassion?

Have you ever been distracted by the flash of color on a character of a TV show?
Or wanted someone to tell you how that new type of polish applies?
Want to know all about the different brands and which ones apply best?

You've come to the right place.

We're Stephy and Katie and we're here to save the day.
My favorite nail polish color is bitchtastic

If there were any two nail polish colors I wanted to marry each other it would be these.

Zoya’s Petra (darker) and Jana (lighter).

This color combination is actually my go to for when I’m in between color choices or not feeling like making too much effort in m choice.

The two colors compliment each other really well and they’re neutral so you can wear almost anything and not worry about your polish clashing with your outfit!

You can totally change up the accent too! You want to try something different you can try one nail, or even switch and do the Petra as the accent nail instead of the Jana!

Basically if I could recommend the perfect neutral color combo, for me personally, it would be Jana and Petra.

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