Have you ever wanted to test a nail polish before buying it?
Need advice on a color to wear with a specific outfit or for a specific occassion?

Have you ever been distracted by the flash of color on a character of a TV show?
Or wanted someone to tell you how that new type of polish applies?
Want to know all about the different brands and which ones apply best?

You've come to the right place.

We're Stephy and Katie and we're here to save the day.
My favorite nail polish color is bitchtastic

Hey everyone!

Stephy here! I want to see your nails! Send us submissions with your current polish!

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Essie’s Blue Rhapsody and Nothing Else Metals
(Submission from the lovely awickedtongue)

Essie’s Blue Rhapsody and Nothing Else Metals

(Submission from the lovely awickedtongue)

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Stephy’s nails. Navy is Sailor by @zoyanailpolish and the pink is Bottle Service by @essiepolish

Stephy’s nails. Navy is Sailor by @zoyanailpolish and the pink is Bottle Service by @essiepolish

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From last Saturday @essiepolish in Naughty Nautical and Mint Candy Apple

From last Saturday @essiepolish in Naughty Nautical and Mint Candy Apple

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So I (Stephy) finally went and had my nails done with my sister. I’ve gotten bored with just one color again so I decided to be a pain in my nail techs ass and brought 3 different colors in.

The pinkys and thumbs are done in Sailor by Zoya. The rings and indexes are done in In the Cab-ana by Essie and lastly the middles are in Sunshine also by Zoya.

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Ode to Odett!

About a month ago (holy crap it has really a month?) Zoya nail polish posted the above poem as an “ode” to the lovely Nautrel polish. After it was posted I thought the color was really pretty then remembered that I have that pretty polish (hazard of being a nail polish addict) and immediately painted my nails. 

What I really like about Odette, actually the entire Nautrel collection, is that each color adds a warmth to the typical nude. Each shade is almost meant to look better with certain skin tones! Specifically I love Odette because it’s a deep natural color that can still be considered “professional” if you’re looking for a nice work shade.

Check out the Nautrel collection if you’re still searching for your perfect nude!

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If there were any two nail polish colors I wanted to marry each other it would be these.

Zoya’s Petra (darker) and Jana (lighter).

This color combination is actually my go to for when I’m in between color choices or not feeling like making too much effort in m choice.

The two colors compliment each other really well and they’re neutral so you can wear almost anything and not worry about your polish clashing with your outfit!

You can totally change up the accent too! You want to try something different you can try one nail, or even switch and do the Petra as the accent nail instead of the Jana!

Basically if I could recommend the perfect neutral color combo, for me personally, it would be Jana and Petra.

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Weeee!!! I’ve got the summer time blues!

The good kind. Not the bad kind.

Anyways, these two colors are nice an bright for the upcoming summer season!

The top color is Essie’s Fashion Playground. The day this color was announced Stephy and I (and the lovely, fabulous paigeroo5) were so excited! I, personally, have been searching for a great mint polish because the only one I had found (OPI’s mint color) did not look good on me at all. This specific mint is the perfect mix of brightness and lightness and it was a little bit of shimmer to it. It’s a really pretty summer color! I wore it for easter and got a ton of compliments on it the entire time I wore it!

The bottom color is Essie’s Mezmerised. Now this color is actually much brighter then it look sin my pictures. If you have a Pinterest you’ve probably seen this color floating around. The Pinterest link is what the color actually looks like, it look more navy in my pictures - I blame the lighting in my house. It’s a bright summer color and it’s a pretty rock and roll color.

If you’re sick of coral or pinks for the summer I suggest trying some of the summer blues! They’re just as fun and different!

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How many of you feel like you’ve spent half your life looking for the perfect nude? 

Because I’m not lying when I tell you I’ve spent years looking for the perfect nude/light pink.

As you can see I’ve finally found it!

The color above is OPI’s Bubble Bath!

It’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s the perfect light pink (with three coats; the top three pics) and the perfect nude (with two coats; bottom pic). The great thing about this color is two coats covers the nail nicely and with three it still dries well and doesn’t look thick.

Those are two of the top complaints I’ve had about almost every other nude or light pink polish I’ve tried. They are much to sheer with two coats but when you add more to cover it doesn’t dry well and it just looks thick.

The color itself is perfect for my skin tone which is the real difficulty with choosing the perfect nude/light pink. You need to find the tone that works with your skin color. 

My problem was a lot of the shades I was looking at where either too pink, too white or too dark. This color is quite literally perfect.

As you can see I’m pretty much in love with this color. 

If you’re looking for the perfect nude/light pink I’m sad to tell you there are no tips I can give you. You just need to go through a trial and error process! Hopefully though, I gave you a place to start.

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Stephy and I have realized we are awful people!

We’ve been so busy lately that we’ve neglected this blog!

Stephy goes to get her nails done tomorrow and I have about six different colors I’ve painted and taken pictures of in the last few weeks.

I’ll post them tonight so be prepared for some polish spam!

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